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How I fixed my knee so I could ride again with SwissRX


by Matt

After surgery and dozens of expensive treatments, I thought I would never get back to riding...

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After surgery and dozens of expensive treatments, I thought I would never get back to riding...

After knee surgery, I had a horrendous time recovering and for years I was never able to fully heal.

I tried so many different things... From stem cell therapy, PRP, to red light therapy and everything in between. While many of these treatments would help for a little while, as soon as I pushed myself in training or went on a long run with my daughter, the swelling, inflammation and throbbing pain would come raging back.

With each new round of therapy, I'd get my hopes up... I'd feel better, take a chance, and train hard... But, the next day or sometimes right away, my knee would swell and become inflamed... sometimes with such a vengeance, I'd swear it was worse than ever.

Nighttime was THE WORST... I'd lay there awake and in pain with my knee throbbing unceasingly, praying for a few hours of sleep and some sweet relief.

After years of struggle, I was close to giving up.

Giving up running with my daughter... giving up the thrill of pushing myself in my sport... giving up sleeping at night without my knee being on fire if I attempted to do either of these two things.

I spoke with a doctor that works with a number of Pro Athletes he said he had a brand of products to try. While there was no guarantee it would work, he had seen many athletes finally overcome nagging injuries that they just couldn't shake with this protocol.

Just as I was losing hope, a package from SwissRX showed up on my doorstep. It contained premium 'secret' supplements used by the pros that I'd been trying to get my hands on for YEARS.

Now, here they were.

It was as if the Supplement Gods were looking down on me.

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The key products in the package were what they called Soft Tissue Complex and what I learned was a unique form of collagen that is formulated to help tissue repair. But due to my past experience, I was skeptical it would make much of a difference. But I was willing to try!

I started taking the SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex the idea is that it would lay the foundation for healing to restart by reducing inflammation and adding in the co-factors needed for collagen generation. I combined this with the SwissRX Collagen, the idea is that this collagen was formulated specifically for soft tissue repair (versus making my hair and nails better!)

To be frank, my expectations were low... I'd tried so many different supplements and therapies and, while some helped a little, so far NOTHING had been able to truly work on a consistent basis.

Well, after just three weeks in… I was ASTOUNDED. This stuff was simply incredible for my knee. It was unlike anything else I'd tried before, including all the fancy, expensive therapies.

My inflammation was almost gone. My pain at night was almost gone.

I couldn't believe how well it was working. I even played devil’s advocate and pushed myself hard in training, waiting for the flare-up to come raging back. While it would still happen it was less than normal. And by the next morning, it was gone. Over time the flare-ups have gone away completely.

Now, for the first time in YEARS, I’m able to train as hard as I want and go on long runs with my daughter without worrying about paying for it later. Best of all, I can finally sleep because the pain isn’t keeping me up all night.

The SwissRX Athlete Repair Protocol is the ONE supplement protocol I WILL NOT MISS... even if I'm already lying in bed and realize I forgot to take it, I'll get myself up out of bed to take it so that I can train pain-free the next day.

If you're an athlete recovering from soft tissue injury, you really should try this remarkable combination for yourself. I can't say 100% it will work for you as well as it did for me since every injury is different (my experience is what we call an N of 1, in that I was the only patient trying it). Aside from my personal experience, it's got a heck of a lot of compelling science to back it up. I've been recommending it to everyone that will listen and so far only hearing great things.

-Matt founder of The Feed and former President of the Tour de France Team known as Garmin, Cannondale, and now EF Pro Cycling.

The SwissRX Athlete Repair Protocol is the ONE supplement protocol I WILL NOT MISS... even if I'm already lying in bed and realize I forgot to take it, I'll get myself up out of bed to take it so that I can train pain-free the next day.

How does it work?

The Injury Repair Protocol really includes five different products. When I worked with Garmin Cannondale team doctors, I saw that they never just prescribed one pill to athletes. Rather, they would choose 4 or 5 products that all work together to help tackle a single issue, such as injury.

The first part of The Injury Repair Protocol is SwissRX Soft Tissue Support.

The Soft Tissue Support Complex is really 4 different products. You get 7 Pills in total and they're in a plastic tear back. The reason for this is to make it super easy to take while leaving no room for error.

There are 4 main ingredients that each focus on specific areas of concern and, when combined, they deliver remarkable results in repairing soft tissue (i.e. tears and strains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments) and reducing your pain and inflammation.

What's in Soft Tissue Complex?

Turmeric to attack the inflammation. We use the entire Turmeric Root from India to maximize bioavailability, but it's also 95% Curcumin. This exact turmeric has been used in clinical studies and showed an 88% reduction in pain and inflammation in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Flavanoids in the form of Vitamin C, Quercetin, and Botanicals to reduce inflammation and support healthy capillary permeability. We include a single capsule of our Buffered Vitamin C to help stabilize tendon and ligament function. Vitamin C works to cross-link (connect) collagen fibers to help repair tears.

Recovery Enzymes help to break apart protein caps, allowing the turmeric to support to get to work. Recovery Enzymes are proteolytic enzymes that have been used for years in Europe for tissue repair and recovery. They're made up of powerful protein-eating enzymes that are able to get through the protein cap that surrounds the inflamed area in many chronic soft tissue injuries. This opens the area up so that healing and relief can take place.

An often overlooked aspect of injury is tight, or spasming, muscles. In fact, many overuse injuries are due to muscles overcompensating after an acute injury. Muscle Relaxation contains GABA, Glycine and Magnesium to relax muscle tension, speeding up the recovery of soft tissue injuries.

Combine this with SwissRX Collagen...

The collagen you see on the market today might be great for hair and skin, but it does little for healing tendons, ligaments, and joints. This is because the length of the collagen protein has to be a very specific molecular size for the collagen to enter into these tissues to help repair them.

We source the two most expensive (and most studied) patented forms of Collagen (the exact molecular size for absorption) and combined them with a patented form of hyaluronic acid to lubricate your joints. When you take this product with our Swiss RX Soft Tissue Complex to control inflammation, you'll create a better environment for healing. This is because Soft Tissue Complex primes the injured area so that you can deeply absorb Swiss RX Collagen, fueling your healing process.

Collagen is everywhere these days and, while most of the formulations might help your hair and skin, the vast majority don't address the needs of athletes looking to repair and strengthen tissues made up of collagen

Why we built SwissRX

We set out to build a supplement company that the world’s top athletes could trust. A company that would spare no expense in using only the finest ingredients proven by clinical science.


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Athlete Focused

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