The World's Finest Ingredients

The World's Finest Ingredients

When we set out to make Swiss RX, our approach was to find the finest ingredients in the world for our supplements, regardless of cost. In particular, we wanted to use the identical ingredients used in the clinical studies we relied on to show their efficacy.

In many cases, this led us to sourcing ingredients that were from a patented source. These are ingredients that were unique enough to receive a patented.  This is often an expensive process and these ingredients are typically only used in pharmaceutical grade or medical grade supplements that you have to get from a licensed medical practitioner.

We have also used USP Verified ingredients at every step. USP (United States Pharmacopeia) is a 3rd party organization that verifies supplement ingredients through a multi-step process.  It increases the cost of these ingredients and the verification is a sign of the highest quality ingredients. 

Here is a highlight of the different ingredients that are the finest in the world for their respective category and are used in our Swiss RX products.

We continue to source the finest ingredients in the industry for all of our Swiss RX products as we see a direct correlation to efficacy from quality. Rest assured that the extra expense of Swiss RX is a direct correlation to the increased ingredient costs.