SwissRX™ Athlete Repair Protocol

SwissRX™ Athlete Repair Protocol

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Want to overcome a nagging injury?

3-Way Approach

Each product works together to heal soft tissue injuries

Swiss RX Soft Tissue Complex

Reduces inflammation and lays the foundation for healing

Swiss RX Omega 3

To reduce inflammation and joint related pain

Chronic Injuries

Protocol designed to help overcome chronic injuries

Swiss RX Collagen

Floods the injuried area with Collagen needed to regenerate tissue

Most Popular Protocol

This is the most popular Swiss RX Protocol

Benefits of the Athlete Repair Protocol

Overcome Chronic Injuries

Many athletes find they can finally overcome chronic injuries

Recover Faster Post-Workout

Use after hard workouts to reduce next-day pain and discomfort

Get Back to Training

Time + Rest + 4 to 8 Weeks on the Athlete Repair Protocol

Made for Athletes

Formula designed for the unique needs of soft tissue issues facing athletes

I've been struggling with patellar tendinitis for over 6 months. I tried the Swiss RX protocol, despite the high price. I gave it 3 weeks and wasn't sure if it was working but stuck with it, then at 5 weeks it was definitely getting better. Now I have almost no more knee pain

Richard in Charlotte, North Carolina

Learn more about SwissRX™ Athlete Repair Protocol

‘When can I get back to training” - how many times have you heard yourself ask that very question?

Let’s face it, if you push hard, you fall hard, making injury a matter of when not if. For some of you, a day off is one too many. But even for the rest of us, while we might fear reinjury, what we fear even more is sitting idle, and doing nothing.

It becomes really concerning when your chronic injury lasts longer than 90 days and isn’t getting better. We see this all the time, a soft tissue-related injury escalates to a chronic issue: hard to control and seemingly impossible to overcome.

If you suffer from knee, low back, or shoulder pain, then you’ll want to consider trying our Athlete Repair Protocol

We’ve taken our top 3 injury recovery products to formulate this protocol. It’s the very methodology we’ve used with our top injured athletes, who have come back in droves to report they’ve gotten back to training after 4 to 8 weeks.

We’re talking about athletes who have suffered for months, even years, and who are nothing short of dumbfounded and thrilled to find they’re back training and pushing themselves again. There are three products in the protocol: Soft Tissue Complex, Collagen, and Omega 3.

    This protocol takes time and consistency, but if you think two months is worth ridding or reducing chronic pain then consider this protocol. The average time to see meaningful improvement is roughly 6 weeks on the Athlete Repair Protocol. Some athletes report feeling better in as few as 4, and some it takes 8 weeks.

    We have seen so many of our athletes benefit from the protocol, that we are huge believers. Though given the range and severity of injuries many of you might have, it won't work for every athlete and every injury. If, for example, your injury is to the point where you MUST have surgery, then work with your doctor and take the Athlete Repair Protocol immediately post any surgeries to accelerate recovery.

    Get back to training

    Overcome nagging injuries

    What's inside SwissRX™ Athlete Repair Protocol

    Soft Tissue Complex

    Soft Tissue Complex helps knock out inflammation. It combines our unique Whole Turmeric, a powerful anti-inflammatory with our Recovery Enzymes that breaks down the protein-cap that surrounds chronic inflammation. That’s the secret sauce and why this combination works on so many of our athletes when other anti-inflammatory approaches fail.

    Swiss RX Collagen

    Swiss RX Collagen is specifically designed for the needs of athletes by optimizing the absorption of collagen into soft tissue to aid in the repair and rebuilding of that tissue. What makes is special is the usage of the 3 patented (and very expensive) ingredients FortigelⓇ, TendoActiveⓇ, and MobileeⓇ that are made to be the exact molecular size to be absorbed into your soft tissue. 

    Swiss RX Omega 3

    Swiss RX Omega 3 will help regulate inflammation and mitigate joint related point. Our Omega 3 has the shortest time in the industry from catch to capsule, meaning that is fresh and has no fishy aftertaste. The formulation is concentrated yet remains bio identical to what is found in the fish so that it is 70% more absorbable that most other Omega 3 products. 


    For the first two weeks you will want to “load” the protocol:

    AM: Take 1 Omega 3 and 1 Scoop of Collagen

    PM: Take 1 Omega 3, 1 Scoop of Collagen, and the Soft Tissue Complex.

    After Two weeks:

    PM: Take 1 Omega 3, 1 Scoop of Collagen, and the Soft Tissue Complex.

    It is best to take Soft Tissue Complex on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before or 90 minutes after eating.


    How proteolytic enzymes aid in treatment of athletic injuries: The study looks at the key formula in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex and its improvement in treating athletic injuries. Here is a link to the study

    How proteolytic enzyme, bromelain, aids in treatment of inflammation and soft tissue injuries: The study looks at the key formula in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex and its reduction in muscular injuries. here is a link to the study

    How the formulations micronutrients improve antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties: The study looks at turmeric administration (key ingredient in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex) and how it improves anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting a number of different molecules. Here is a link to the study

    How formulation improves activity related joint pain in athletes: The study looks at 24 week trial of athletes supplementing with Fortigel (exact collagen hydrolysate in SwissRX Collagen) and associated improvement in joint health and pain reduction. Here is a link to the study

    How formulation improves tendinopathy (breakdown in collagen): The study reviews supplementing with Tendoactive (key ingredient in SwissRX Collagen) and its ability to treat collagen breakdown through suppression through catabolic signaling pathways. Here is a link to the study

    How the formulation can be used as a replacement for NSAIDs: The study looks at glucosamine as a selective drug for osteoarthritis and how it is significantly better tolerated than NSAIDs. Here is a link to the study