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Enhance your Collagen Supplement

Made to Address Collagen Creation

Supplies key nutrients and amino acids to endogenously create collagen

Specific Precursors

Proline, lysine, and vitamin C all work together to boost collagen synthesis in the body


A patented hyaluronic acid to enhance skin and soft tissue health as well as lubricate joints

Targeted Cofactors

Zinc, manganese, and MSM to help supply the nutrients required for tissue regeneration

Benefits of Pre-Collagen

Addresses The Issue at its roots

Don't just supplement collagen, prime your body to create its own collagen

Reduces Joint Pain

MoblieeĀ® reduces pain by lubricating joints

Get Your Bounce Back

Hyaluronic acid helps to support normal joint range of motion

Made For Athletes

Specifically designed to be taken with collagen at times of hard training

I dislike the taste of collagen powders. I take Pre-collagen to get the benefits of collagen in a pill form.

Hannah from Kansas City

Learn more about Pre-Collagen

Want happy joints? Boost collagen creation at its roots...

If you want to get the most out of your collagen supplements so that you can have the healthiest, happiest, pain-free joints possible AND recover from injury in record time so that you don't fall too far behind your competitionĀ šŸ˜”... then you'll want to keep reading.Ā 

Here's why...Ā 

Everyone knows that addressing the roots of a problem is the truest way to long term success. But what isn't so well known is that when it comes to joint and ligament health, supplementing with cofactors and precursors to collagen is just as important as taking collagen itself. Unfortunately, many athletes overlook this step and their joints suffer. But, many of the pros are in on this secret strategy. This is why I'm excited to introduce you to...

Swiss RX Pre-collagen...

An innovative solution to joint health that targets collagen production at the roots

Pre-collagen vs Collagen...

CollagenĀ is all the rage these days and not just for shinier hair and plump skin.Ā Endurance athletes take collagen in droves for healthy joints and faster recovery.Ā While many collagens are really more of a protein source and never get absorbed properly to go beyond hair and skin, premium collagens (likeĀ Swiss RX Collagen)Ā can be quite effective to reduce pain and support joints.

Another equally effective, yet often overlooked, way to target healthy joints is through collagen cofactors and precursors. By taking a supplement full of the 3 key amino acids used to form collagen, plus patented hyaluronic acid, MSM, and minerals like Zinc and vitamin C, you canĀ address collagen creation at it's roots and encourage your body's own generation of collagen while priming your joints for optimum mobility and lubrication.

Should I take SwissRX Pre-collagen?

If you are...Ā 

  • An endurance athlete
  • Over 30
  • Experiencing joint discomfort and pain
  • Recovering from and/or prone to soft tissue injury
  • Healthy with no joints issues yet AND you want to keep it that way


What's inside Pre-Collagen


Vitamin C


TRAACSĀ® Manganese