Recovery Enzymes
Recovery Enzymes

Recovery Enzymes

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Made for Injury Support

Reduce Swelling

Proteolytic enzymes destroy the protein cap that locks in inflammation, allowing your body to reduce swelling

Maintain Normal Circulation

Proteolytic enzymes also thin the extracellular fluids which helps to maintain normal circulation

Speed Up Recovery

Penetrating the protein barrier that forms around injuries allows your immune system to better do its job

Shorten the Inflammatory Response

Recovery Enzymes also can reduce the inflammatory response of hard training

Benefits of Recovery Enzymes

Reduce Inflammation

Allow your body to have a normal inflammatory response

Recover Faster

Supplies your body with the crucial enzymes to recover faster

Train Harder

Have the confidence to push harder in each workout


After ACL surgery from a skiing accident, my physical therapist recommended that I take Recovery Enzymes along with Turmeric. After a few weeks, I saw my swelling visibly decrease. My doctor was so surprised by the effect at my follow up appointment, that he's started recommending it to patients as well!

Kim from Boise

Learn more about Recovery Enzymes

This secret weapon to rapid recovery eats away at the protein cap that's blocking your healing...

If you're suffering from inflammation and chronic pain that flares up and never seems to truly go away, no matter what supplements you try, then you'll definitely want to keep reading...

Here's why...

To keep chronic inflammation contained so that it doesn't spread throughout your body, protein caps are formed around injured, inflamed tissue. Unfortunately, this barrier works both ways and can also block your immune system's ability to get access. This leads to chronic inflammation and an inability to heal since nothing can get to the damaged tissue. This means that even if you're taking powerful anti-inflammatories (like Swiss RX Turmeric and Swiss RX Omega-3), your relief will be minimal as not even the best anti-inflammatories in the world are able to break to effectively break down this protein cap.

As frustrating as this situation is, the good news is that there IS a supplement that's up to the difficult task of penetrating the protein barrier, allowing healing to finally take place.

Introducing Swiss RX Recovery Enzymes...

A powerful, proven proteolytic (literally: protein-splitting) enzyme formula that eats away at your protein cap, allowing your natural immune system and anti-inflammatory supplements (like SwissRX Turmeric) to do their job so that the pain and swelling can actually, finally, go away for good.


What are proteolytic enzymes, and why are they so important for recovery?

Proteolytic enzymes are among the most powerful natural supplements to improve healing of injuries. They're naturally produced by your body, but taking them as a supplement during the inflammatory phase can tremendously speed and improve your healing.

Aside from destroying the protein cap (which is huge to get rid of chronic inflammation), proteolytic enzymes have multiple other benefits.

  • They reduce your inflammation, pain and speed healing
  • They slow down excessive clotting of injured tissue
  • They thin extracellular fluids, which help maintain normal circulation and allows for optimal delivery of nutrients and removal of waste.

This all adds up to a shorter inflammatory phase and a quicker onset of the repair phase. As an added benefit, reduced inflammation equals less pain.

In fact, Swiss RX Recovery Enzymes are a much healthier pain-relieving option than non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, which can slow down repair and even weaken healing tissues.


What's inside Recovery Enzymes

Proteolytic Enzymes

Enzymes are complex proteins that speed up reactions throughout the body. Although the body produces its own enzymes, the amount produced varies by person, diet and stress. Research shows that supplemented proteolytic enzymes are well absorbed in the GI tract into systemic circulation, where they can aid in recovery form injury.


Quercetin is a natural pigment that's present in fruits and vegetables. It's an abundant antioxidant that helps combat free radical damage in the body.


Rutin is a flavonoid with powerful antioxidant effects which can help with inflammation


Take 2 capsules one to three times per day. Take capsules on an empty stomach (30 minutes before, or 90 minutes after eating) to ensure that the proteolytic enzymes aid in repair and recovery, not digestion.

You should consult with your doctor before taking Recovery Enzymes if you have blood disorders, are on blood thinners, are pregnant or allergic to the sources of enzymes (bromelain is from pineapple, papain is from papaya, and trypsin, chymotrypsin and pancreatin are derived from pork). This product is not vegetarian or Kosher.


In one small trial, 20 men were divided into pairs. Beginning a day before the intensive exercise part of the study, one individual in each pair was given an enzyme while the other received a placebo. The next day they ran downhill at a 10% grade for 30 minutes. They were then given additional enzymes or placebos that day and for the two days following. Those who took the enzymes recovered full muscle function faster with much less muscle soreness.

2016 BMJ (British Medical Journal) Open Sport & Exercise Medicine reported systemic enzymes reduced inflammation, boosted metabolism and supported immune response for those doing endurance and strength training.

Individuals in another study were given systemic enzymes. They experienced significantly less muscle pain and tenderness after exercise than those who had received the placebo. Furthermore, their muscle performance returned to normal faster.

In another study,researchers observed that participants who received systemic enzymes regained full muscle performance faster