SwissRX Omega 3-60 Capsules-The Feed
SwissRX Omega 3-60 Capsules-The Feed

Swiss RX Omega 3

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Why is this the best Omega 3 for athletes?

No fishy burps

Fast time from capture to capsule means no fishy taste ever

Highest Bioavailability

Formula has 70% higher absorption

Purest Fish in the World

Low food chain fish from the rural coast of Chile

Higher Potency

DHA, EPA, and additional Omega 3s

Benefits of Swiss RX Omega 3

Move Pain Free

Proper Omega-3 levels help reduce joint related pain

Increased Performance

Boosted oxygen delivery by keeping the lining of your arteries smooth and clear

Recover Better

Omega 3s counteract inflammation and speed up your next day recovery

Made for Athletes

Freshness & higher bioavailability makes this formula ideal for athletes

I really hate fish. Prior to Swiss RX, every Omega-3 (even the super expensive Nordic kind) left me with some sort of fish taste during the day. Since starting your Omega-3 I have had zero, zilch taste of fish. Thank-you! 

Sam in Calgary, Canada

Athlete Daily Protocol

Is your energy level low?

The nutrient demands of athletes are greater, even with a great diet you need to ensure you have sufficient nutrients and cellular energy stores to perform.

Swiss RX Athlete Daily Protocol

Learn more about Swiss RX Omega 3

No fishy burps, just pure, fresh, potent Omega 3

Ok, I'll admit that I really don't like eating fish.  The only thing worse for me is taking a fish oil supplement and getting fishy burps or after taste.  SwissRX is with me on this and has figured out how to have absolutely zero fishiness in their Omega 3s. I guarantee you'll never have a fishy taste with this Omega3!

What makes their Omega3 special (other than miraculously eliminating the fishiness) is what they call...

The Three P's:


Swiss RX only uses sardines, mackerel, and anchovies (fish lowest on the food chain) in their formula, which are lowest in heavy metals. They also source their fish from the rural coast of Chile, which is one of the purest oceanic environments in the world. 


Catch to capsule within three to six months means their Omega3 supplement is the freshest on the market (also why there is no fishy taste)


When Omega 3 is extracted from the fish it needs to be taken apart and put into supplement form. To do this, companies breakdown the Omega3 and then concentrate the EPA and DPA into a specific ratio. This is usually where most companies stop and put it into a capsule form.  However, despite the great expense and effort, SwissRX takes the last step in the process and rebuilds each EPA and DPA fatty acid with its original Triglyceride backbone before putting it into the capsule. This makes their Omega3 bioidentical to the Omega3 found originally in the fish, which means it's 70% more absorbable!

The Three P process SwissRX goes through, especially the last step, is far beyond what any other Omega-3 supplements are willing to spend to make their product an. It's another great example of SwissRXs "spare-no-expense" approach that results in the highest quality product for you.

Why Athletes should add Omega 3s to their daily routine.

Omega-3 fatty acids counteract inflammation and reduce joint pain and tenderness. They also help to keep the lining of your arteries smooth and clear, which allows for the maximum amount of oxygen-rich blood to reach your working muscles (and your brain!)

One study showed that fish oil might work to reduce both whole-body and myocardial oxygen demand during exercise, without a decrease in performance. In this case, researchers evaluated 16 cyclists randomly assigned to receive 8 grams of fish oil per day or olive oil placebo.

“Part of omega 3s’ heart-health benefit is that they decrease heart rate and the amount of oxygen your body burns through every minute,” said Kari Ikemoto, a registered dietitian who commented on this study. “On game day, that’s huge. It means that during every minute of exercise your body needs less oxygen than does your competitor. It takes less energy to run a marathon, kick a goal, or make a tackle.”




Take 1 to 2 capsules per day as a preventive dosage and go to 3 capsules per day for joint pain. Take with or without food and use daily for maximum benefit.


How using Omega-3 fatty acids is a viable alternative to NSAIDs for back pain: This study looks at Omega-3 fatty acids and their positive effect in reducing neck and back pain and how they appear to be a safer alternative for treatment than NSAIDs. Here is a link to the study

How EPA (fatty acids) are instrumental in improving mood. This study looks at treating depression through Omega-3 fatty acid supplementation. In a double-blind study individuals benefited from a 1g dose of daily EPA (omega-3). Here is a link to the study