SwissRX Turmeric-60 Capsules-The Feed
SwissRX Turmeric-60 Capsules-The Feed

SwissRX™ Turmeric

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Why this is the most effective Turmeric

Knock Out Inflammation

Powerful natural anti-inflammatory

Over 235 Active Components

Curcumin is just one of them

More Bioavailable

We use the whole turmeric plant to increase effectiveness

88% Reduction in Inflammation

Study on rehumatoid arthritis notice a 88% improvement in systemic inflammation.

Benefits of Swiss RX Turmeric

Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Very effective at knocking out inflammation

Stop Using Advil/Tylenol

NSAIDS can be bad for you gut and can impair recovery, top athletes are now using Turmeric

Recover Faster

Managing over active inflammation is key to a faster recovery

Made for Athletes

Formula design for the unique recovery and pain needs of athletes

I've tried a bunch of turmeric products and I never felt anything. I started SwissRX's formula with skepticism, but in only a few nights of taking it I noticed a huge difference in the pain in my knees. I would wake up the next morning and get out of bed and realize I didn't have the normal level of pain

Franco in Palo Alto, CA

Athlete Injury REpair Protocol

Have a nagging injury?

Injuries to muscles, tendons and ligaments are infuriating to overcome. Our Athlete Repair Protocol has helped countless athletes come back from chronic injuries they struggled with for months or even years.

Swiss RX Athlete Repair Protocol

Learn more about SwissRX™ Turmeric

Reduce post-workout pain and inflammation in a way that aids with recovery.

If you want to train, race, and live your day to day life without worrying about pain and inflammation flaring up and slowing you down, then you want to learn about SwissRX™ Turmeric.

After knee surgery, I had a horrendous time recovering. I tried tons of different and expensive therapies, like PRP, Stem Cells, and Red Light therapy, I would get short term results but nothing worked long term.

I was close to giving up hope that I'd ever get back to normal. I couldn't run at all and my knee would throb and keep me up at night after even mild training.

But then I started the SwissRX™ Soft Tissue Complex (of which SwissRX™ Turmeric is 1 of the 4 components) and after 4 weeks the world changed. I could ride again and not have pain the next day. I even started running and weight training again and now 12 weeks later, I'm no longer worried about a hard workout pushing me over the edge and pain returning.

But I've taken Turmeric before and it didn't do much for me? So why did SwissRX™ Turmeric work when others did not?

The Secret of SwissRX™ Turmeric

SwissRX™ Turmeric uses the whole turmeric plant, not just an extract, and this is shown in a clinical study to reduce systemic inflammation by 88%.

If you've tried other turmeric/curcumin products with mediocre results, you'll be blown away by the potency of this formula. Simply put, it will knock out inflammation and take away related pain and you'll feel like your old self again.

It is also not just for pain, SwissRX™ Turmeric is the most potent supplement we have found to minimize systemic inflammation and maximize your next-day recovery.

What Makes SwissRX™ the best Turmeric you can buy?

It includes the whole turmeric compound, not just isolated curcumin...

  • When turmeric was first studied, it was found that curcumin (a compound in turmeric) reduced cytokines (inflammation) in cells.

  • Pharmaceutical companies ran with this information and focused on formulating anti-inflammatories using high levels of isolated curcumin

  • There are 235 different constituents in the turmeric root, curcumin is just one of them.

  • New studies show that, while curcumin is the 'active' component in turmeric, the variety of compounds found in the whole root allows for things like absorption and activation of different enzymes.

  • Due to this synergistic effect, isolated high-level curcumin is not nearly as effective as whole root supplementation.

  • A study done with this exact product on patients with rheumatoid arthritis noticed an 88% improvement in systemic inflammation

SwissRX™ Turmeric uses the whole turmeric plant and as a result, is much more bioavailable in the target tissues where it's needed to fight inflammation.

Look, I know first hand this stuff is anti-inflammatory gold...

It's perfect for mild to moderate pain management and is a MUST HAVE for athletes. It's a healthy, safe alternative to chronic NSAID use (ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen) which are terrible for you as they can block recovery and lead to long term damage.

If you're recovering from serious injury or surgery like I am, you'll want to check out our soft tissue repair complex for a full spectrum recovery protocol, which includes SwissRX™ Turmeric. I use it as part of the complex and also take SwissRX™ Collagen to really knock out my pain and go deep on my soft tissue recovery.

For daily maintenance and management of inflammation post-workout, then you can use SwissRX™ Turmeric by itself with great results.



    Take 1 capsule at night before bed. When you wake up if you still have specific pain in an area as a result of inflammation then take an additional capsule in the AM. Take with or without food, use daily for maximum benefit.


    How the formulation supports a range of benefits for arthritic joints. The study reviews how Whole Turmeric Matrix Supplementation (key ingredient in SwissRX Turmeric) has been shown to decrease pain, improve joint function, and head to head performance versus NSAIDs. Here is a link to the study

    How the formulation supports lower incidences of chronic disease in athletes. The study looks at the association between Curcumin consumption and its therapeutic effects on inflammation, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, metabolic, and autoimmune diseases. Here is a link to the study