SwissRX Gut Defense-30 Serving-The Feed
SwissRX Gut Defense-30 Serving-The Feed

Swiss RX Gut Defense

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How Gut Defense helps heal your Gut

Helps Heal 'Leaky Gut'

Restores mucosal lining in your gut

Swiss Chocolate Flavor

Tasty powder is easy to mix with water or a shake

Clinical Dosage

4 Full Grams of L-Glutamine, 4x Other products

Soothes Your Stomach

Calms inflamed gut and reduces inflammation

Benefits of Swiss RX Gut Defense

Fix your Gut

Starts working right away, and noticeable results in a few weeks

Powerful Formula

Clinically backed dosage of L-Glutamine

Train More

Helps reduce gut inflammation during heavy training loads and when it is hot outside

Made for Athletes

Formula designed for the unique gut needs of athletes

When it gets hot outside my gut issues flare-up, I don't know if it is the heat, being more dehydrated or both. Gut Defense has been like magic. I now take it proactively before training in the heat and I've yet to have a gut flare up"

Jennifer in Houston, Texas

Gut Health Protocol

Struggling with stomach issues?

Our Gut Health Protocol is a complete solution for gut related issues that are common with elite athletes, yet applicable for everyone.

Swiss RX Gut Health Protocol

Learn more about Swiss RX Gut Defense

Leaky gut syndrome is a condition in which the gut's thin mucosal lining has tiny leaks.  Your gut's lining is used to absorb nutrients while preventing large molecules, like toxins and bacteria, from entering your bloodstream. But if it's "leaky", then the bacteria and toxins will enter your bloodstream and cause inflammation and all sorts of GI problems.   
As an athlete, you're more susceptible to leaky gut syndrome. During training, your body naturally moves blood flow away from your gut and towards your working muscles. This reduced blood flow in and around the tissues in the gut can cause chaos with these cells, especially if you're continuously feeding your gut with hydration, gels, and chews during your workout.

The more intense and/or long-duration endurance your training is, the more susceptible you are to some form of leaky gut syndrome.

SwissRX realized that gut issues are debilitating when it comes to athletic performance so they set out to find a solution...  

Introducing you to SwissRX Gut Defense For Athletes...

A pharmaceutical-grade high-dose solution to soothe inflamed and irritated 'leaky gut' issues and strengthen the junctions between gut mucosal cells to seal up leaks.

The best part, all you have to do is drink a delicious Swiss Chocolate Shake once a day!

How does it work?

Think of it as a soothing balm for your intestinal tract, delivering essential nutrients that build back the lining of your gut and mucosal membranes, keeping 'nasties' from leaking into your system, while calming inflamed tissue...

What makes SwissRX Gut Defense special?

The star ingredient in this formula is L. Glutamine: Protect Intestinal Barrier Function

  • L-glutamine helps reduce inflammation in your gut and, when combined with N-acetyl D-glucosamine, it acts like spackle to your leaky gut - patching up areas that are allowing toxins through.
  • While there are many L Glutamine supplements, most don't have nearly enough to provide a clinically effective dose. For example, in a traditional L. Glutamine supplement, you would have to take 16 pills to get a 4-gram dose!
  • SwissRX not only provides you a clinically effective dosage of 4g, but the powder form allows you to easily adjust your dosage to suit your needs. It comes in a great-tasting Swiss Chocolate flavor and most people say they absolutely love the taste!


What's inside Swiss RX Gut Defense


L-glutamine helps reduce inflammation in your gut and, when combined with N-acetyl D-glucosamine, it acts like spackle to your leaky gut - patching up areas that are allowing toxins through. Gut Defense provides you a clinically effective dosage of L-glutamine at 4g in a powder form so it is easy to take and you can adjust your dosage as needed.

N-acetyl D-glucosamine

N-acetyl glucosamine is the acetylated form of glucosamine. It is a mucin precursor and has been shown to increase the production of mucus within the GI tract.

Aloe Vera Leaf Gel Extract

Aloe Vera has long been shown to help soothe irritation and inflammation in the GI tract.


Zinc is an essential mineral widely recognized for its role in immune health. In addition, zinc has been shown to help maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A plays a major role in maintaining healthy mucous membranes. Healthy mucous membranes, including the mucosa of the stomach and intestines, protect and line the inside surfaces of your body. As barriers to unwanted toxins, microbes, and food particles passing directly into the body, they help maintain healthy immune function. Vitamin A further supports biological functions, which play a role in the maintenance of good health.

Licorice Root Extract (DGL)

DGL is a form of licorice root that's been specially processed to contain only biologically active flavonoids. This allows for higher dosing of the active ingredient, which helps maintain a healthy mucosal surface. Traditionally used to support GI-related complaints DGL has been shown to promote bacterial balance, protect the intestinal lining, and maintain normal inflammatory balance. Studies have shown that it blocks the activity of two 'bad' enzymes, resulting in extra protection for the gastric mucosa.


Mix 1 scoop (6.4 grams) with 8-10 ounces of the beverage of your choice, preferably non-dairy. Can be used as a shake as well. Use with or without food every day for maximum benefit.


How the formula helps protect intestinal barrier function: The study looks at administration of Glutamine (key ingredient in SwissRx Gut Defense) and its positive effects on leaky gut syndrome. Here is a link to the study

How the formula helps with mitigating infection: The study looks at preventative administration of L-glutamine (key ingredient in SwissRx Gut Defense) and its positive association with offsetting infection. Here is a link to the study

How the formula improves gastrointestinal lining: The study looks at Aloe Vera (key ingredient in SwissRx Gut Defense) and its potential to prevent gastric acid output. Here is a link to the study