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The Protocol to Help You

Overcome Injuries

Unfortunately, injuries are a part of training and competition. Whether we like it or not, when time spent training and racing increases, injury becomes a matter of when, not if. Reduce inflammation, boost your collagen levels, and promote healing so that you can get back to training faster with our unique protocol.

  • Promotes a normal inflammatory response
  • Promotes collagen synthesis
  • Soothes and relaxes tight or spasming muscles
  • Gets you back to training sooner

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Cycling is hard on the body. Between crashes and long days on the bike I definitely experience some chronic inflammation. SwissRX Total Recovery and Soft Tissue Complex have become my go-to products to keep my body feeling fresh.

Payson McElveen, Pro CyclistPayson McElveen, Pro Cyclist
What is inside?

What's Inside

SwissRX Injury Repair Protocol

A unique combination of whole-root turmeric for decreased inflammation; proteolytic enzymes to break apart protein caps that surround chronic inflammation; all natural muscle relaxants to soothe pain and stop cramps; and three patented forms of collagen, alongside key precursors, to promote healing and get you back to the sport you love faster.

Supplement Facts
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More About

SwissRX™ Injury Protocol

Do you dream of training pain-free like you used to?

If you want to reduce and eliminate aches and pains due to overtraining or chronic soft tissue injuries, then the Injury Repair Protocol is for you: made up of of a pharmaceutical-grade, clinically-backed, easy to take complex that works together to attack inflammation, support tissue repair and eliminate muscle spasms.

This protocol works together, helping you to get back to training and living a pain-free life.

How Does It Work?

Soft Tissue Complex contains four main ingredients that each focus on specific areas of concern. When combined with Collagen, this protocol delivers remarkable results in repairing soft tissue by:

  • Decreasing inflammation to support healing
  • Providing collagen and key precursors to help rebuild damaged tissues
  • Naturally decreasing pain so that you can get back to training sooner


How this formulation improves tendinopathy (breakdown in collagen): The study reviews supplementing with Tendoactive® (key ingredient in SwissRX Collagen) and its ability to treat collagen breakdown with suppression through catabolic signaling pathways. Here is a link to the study

How this formulation improves activity related joint pain in athletes: The study looks at 24 week trial of athletes supplementing with Fortigel® (exact collagen hydrolysate in SwissRX Collagen) and associated improvement in joint health and pain reduction. Here is a link to the study

How this formulations micronutrients improve antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. The study looks at turmeric administration (key ingredient in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex) and how it improves anti-inflammatory activity by inhibiting a number of different molecules. Here is a link to the study

How the key proteolytic enzyme, bromelain, aids in treatment of inflammation and soft tissue injuries. The study looks at the key formula in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex and its reduction in muscular injuries. here is a link to the study

How proteolytic enzymes aid in treatment of athletic injuries. The study looks at the key formula in SwissRX Soft Tissue Complex and its improvement in treating athletic injuries. Here is a link to the study

Why we built SwissRX

We set out to build a supplement company that the world’s top athletes could trust. A company that would spare no expense in using only the finest ingredients proven by clinical science.


Evidence Based

We always look to science to source the world’s best ingredients at the optimal therapeutic dosage



We are committed to sourcing the exact same ingredients used in clinical trials so you know that your supplements are working for you

Athlete focused

Athlete Focused

Our products are always formulated to match the exact nutritional demands of high-performing athletes



We test all raw ingredients for contaminants and manufacture products in dedicated encapsulation rooms to reduce the risk of cross-contamination


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